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Northernlights tour with children?

The best aurorae-watching season starts at the end of August, when some nights get darker, and ends at the start of April, when the nights start to get lighter and lighter. Seeing auroraboreales needs clear skies and to take a risk and wait for your luck. They are probably visible roughly 200 nights a year – in Lapland.

Hunting Auroras with children could be challenging. In tours like this you sit around the fire and wait for them to appear however children should be active enough to keep warm.

The younger the child, the less fascinated they will be with the lights – and even less so by the hours of waiting in the cold, Arctic darkness. Going on a tour like this children might be cold and babies should stay in the car and waiting alone or with one parent and finally parents would stress out because you never know when will light appear and you are with other groups of people. So we have a solution here🪄 At Loopiloo we take care of your children even in the evenings, we have a cosy room with beds and a kitchen if children need to dine or have snacks. This way you can enjoy every bit of your unique experience also your children/babies will have fun and relax in a playground with full of toys, crafts and activities and sleep well. Then you can come pick them up anytime, we are just located in the center of Rovaniemi. So enjoy hunting Northernlights and darkness nights of Lapland as much as possible ( and not take turn with other parent with taking the tour ) and make a win win situation 🧸🪁🪀

Northernlights Photos: by Wonderlapland safaris

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