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Babysitting Rovaniemi

We are proudly announcing that we are the one and only babysitting agency in Rovaniemi,Lapland.

The benefit of this service is for the parents to enjoy their time and activities in lapland which are not suitable to do with their child/baby. Think about the cold, Icey weather and chasing auroras tour, Husky rides or reindeer rides. Having these kind of tour with your baby is barely possible. The time you're on the rides and also the whole activity it's almost impossible to do with less than a year baby. Although it's possible to do these activities with toddlers, but also we have seen many parents complaining about the situation and how children were cold and nagging the whole time and either parents either children were enjoying and having fun.

This December 2022 we had a family coming from belgium with a 3 years old child that has been to the Snow hotel, for the amazing ice restaurant dinner but unfortunately the child couldnot hold on and got to this point that they couldn't finally finish the food and the child was too cold and had red hands that had to go to the reception and ask for a doctor.

So when we say we are here at your service, to enjoy your holidays, your time and your children's time, it is for a reason.

Do no hesitate to call us for a babysitter in Rovaniemi or simply a playtime in the playground in Rovaniemk city center.


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